Photocontrolled Multiple-State Photochromic Benzo[b]phosphole Thieno[3,2-b]phosphole-Containing Alkynylgold(I) Complex via Selective Light Irradiation

The development of photoresponsive systems that show multiple-state photochromism has remained a challenging task. We present an alkynylgold(I) complex that features multiple photoinduced color changes, in which the gold(I) center plays an important role in allowing multiple photochromic reactions.
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Jan 17, 2022

Nanoscale iron catalysts for scalable and selective deuteration of (hetero)arenes

We have developed a general methodology for heterogeneous iron-catalysed deuteration reactions. The catalytic system is effective for selective deuteration of anilines, indoles, phenols, and other heterocyclic compounds including late-stage labelling of natural products as well as bioactive molecules and can be readily used for the preparation of deuterated compounds on kg-scale.
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Jan 14, 2022