Free Collection: Electrocatalysis

Read free-to-access Scientific Reports articles describing top-quality research on innovations in electrocatalysis.

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Scientific Reports has been publishing research on exciting innovations in electrocatalysis since the journal's launch in 2011. With its' broad scope, Scientific Reports is a natural home for the outputs of such a trans-disciplinary community. The in-house Editors have pulled together a small selection of our most popular papers in this fast-moving field. Free to access, the Collection includes some highly-cited and widely-accessed papers.

Suzanne Farley

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature

Genetically-British Australian. Joined Nature Publishing Group in 2003. Spent 10 years in the Nature Reviews Division, and 5 years at Scientific Reports. Joined the Springer Nature Research Integrity Group in August 2018. Degree in Environmental Science, PhD in plant physiology and molecular biology (U Newcastle, Australia). Likes coffee, running, swimming, writing, parenting and my Kindle.