Top 100 Scientific Reports chemistry papers from 2017

We've brought together our most highly-accessed chemistry articles from last year into a free-to-access Collection.

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Click hereto explore the most widely-read chemistry research published in Scientific Reports in 2017. Featuring authors from across the globe, including members of our Editorial Board, this Collection showcases research that's highly valued by the international chemistry community.

Congratulations to the featured members of Scientific Reports' Editorial Board: Monika Pischetsrieder, Jinlin Long, Kevin Wu, Yuji Sasaki, Jean Christophe Baret, Insung Choi, Yongge Wei, Il-Doo Kim, and Michael Fassbender.

Scientific Reports published more than 5,000 chemistry papers in 2017, so a position in the top 100 most highly-read articles is a notable achievement.

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