Focusing in on mass spectrometry

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Almost every chemist has used mass spectrometry at some point at some point in his or her scientific life, but did you know about all of its cool applications in the study of proteomics? This field has been growing by leaps and bounds as more and more biologists discover the power of mass spectrometry. Check out Nature Methods’ special Focus issue on mass spectrometry in proteomics applications.

Allison Doerr (Associate Editor, Nature Methods)

Allison Doerr

Chief Editor, Nature Methods, Springer Nature

Allison has been an editor with Nature Methods since 2005, and chief editor since November 2018. She has been responsible for all areas of biochemistry for the journal, including structural biology and proteomics. Prior to her editorial career, she completed her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Princeton University, where she studied de novo protein design and protein-ligand interactions using NMR spectroscopy.