Comin’ atcha, NChB style

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Hello chemists of the world!

In honor of spring (well, one day early), our April issue is alive and blooming. Unfortunately, the bloom in question is a fungus, so that’s not something you want to put in a vase, but it still looks pretty nice!

We’re pretty excited about our issue this month because this marks the first issue where you’ll be able to see in 3D! That’s right – the chemical compounds that accompany each paper can now be viewed as balls and sticks, zoomed in or out, and rotated around thanks to jmol. It’s like going back to organic class, but without the work (and without always running out of carbon atoms just before you finished).

In honor of this occasion, those of you who’ll be at the ACS next week can stop by the NPG booth and get a 3D poster and glasses (I’m planning on wearing my 3D glasses throughout the meeting – it’s all the rage, you know). And for those of you who aren’t going, but want a 3D poster, let me know and I’ll send you one (at least until we run out, and then maybe after that too).

See you in Chicago!

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)