ACS: The mountains are to the east…

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I’m in Salt Lake City for the spring ACS. Though I grew up not far from here, the mountains in my town were to the west, so it’ll be an adjustment. I hope I don’t wander into the lake, or down to Arches by mistake…

I’ve put off looking at the schedule until just now, and I am completely befuddled. How do I decide between 2, let alone 4-5 different sessions that all sound great? Should I go to all 8 iterations of a continuous topic, and really dive in and learn a lot, or should I bounce around learning tidbits about different topics? Should I go to talks by people I’ve heard of to get the update on what they’re doing, or should I seek out people I don’t know? Should I go to morning sessions, or poster sessions, or just not sleep at all? Perhaps the first session tomorrow should include some kind of cloning step, so I can really see everything that’s going on.

Anyway, the ACS actually wants us editors to play journalist for the week (at least to get free access to the press room – seems fair, really!), so stay tuned for more on where I end up.

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)

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