My little black book

My sister recently gave me ‘a mini guide to the periodic table’. The interesting fact for today is: Neodymium is magnetic, and in fact NIB (neodymium, iron, boron) magnets are so strong that you can put them on either side of your hand and they will stick. That’s kind of creepy.

Little things like this make me happy to be a chemist. The more I meet people who aren’t scientists (all 3 of them), the more I realize that it’s a privilege to be happy doing what you do.

[Addendum, or a quick note of clarification: I don’t mean at all to suggest that you need to be a scientist to be happy. Rather, I think it’s harder to accidentally become a scientist if you’re not fairly passionate about it. Or, just that I was talking to people who don’t like their jobs.]

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)