Double the fun??

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That’s right, it’s double issue time! Not because we actually published two issues at once, but because the ACS completely sucked away my ability to blog (but in a good way! More on that soon).

So: in case you didn’t see it, our September issue is full of goodies. In addition to exciting executions of exiguamine elaborations, provoking pulldowns of papain-like peptide-pinching proteins, and amazing arrangements of alkaloid architectures, we featured a collection of commentaries and profiles on funding agencies and opportunities that may provide some new ideas about where to apply for funding, particularly for those people who can’t seem to get any love from organizations that prefer traditional disciplines (see our editorial for more thoughts on that point).

To be even more timely, our October issue is now online. Since I have already entertained you with some alliterations (or tried, anyway!), I will tell you about this issue in the form of a limerick:

There once was some copper in a cell.

It was sequestered by MymT for a spell.

It got transferred around

(but it always was bound)

and that has nothing to do with potassium channels, folate metabolism, or terpene synthases. Oh well.

Until next time,