Flown the coop

Hi all,

Important news first: Our new issue is out today – including a focus on cooperativity. And in the spirit of cooperativity (or lack of time??? You be the judge), I’ve decided that you all should help me write the rest of the information about the issue. So, please comment and let me know whether you found Jamie Williamson’s Perspective on macromolecular assembly more thought-provoking than Adrian Whitty’s suggestion that cooperativity is the most basic type of emergent property, or vice versa. Or, if reading about Scientists without Borders made you revisit your desire to join the Peace Corps… All kinds of things to think about.

Otherwise, I’m off to a meeting at an undisclosed location. Theoretically it’ll be nice to get out of this Boston heat, but the weather report of my destination sounds just the same… yikes! Silly summer.