Non-deep thoughts by Catherine Goodman

It’s amazing how discerning our eyes are. I was just looking at the cover of our July issue, and there are some chemicals on it; though they are just long white chains, it’s clear to me that they aren’t just regular chains… can you all spot the modification? If not, the related paper will give you a pretty good hint.

Some of the other goodies in this issue (from the strictly chemistry point of view) include the synthesis of neopeltolide and an analog of leucascandrolide A, which were then used in some biology experiments that you may or may not be interested in, and the characterization of some isotopically-labeled intermediates that tell us about what some protein or other is doing. There are some other things too, about stem cells and the discovery that humans can reduce nitrate, but they’re awfully biological. Maybe you shouldn’t even look at them. In fact, I’ve decided you’re not allowed to look at them. So don’t. I mean it – stop it right now.

You can look at the report on the recent ASBMB meeting, if only to get psyched up for whatever meetings you might be going to this summer. I’m looking forward to the ACS, if only because I don’t have to pay a huge sum to get there on a plane. How are travel costs affecting you? Have you had to turn down any fun opportunities for lack of funds? Do you have any good suggestions for how to get around it (barring repeats of the recent drive from DC to New Orleans)?

Ok, back to work. These issues don’t make themselves, you know…

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)