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First things first: our April issue is now online. This is (as always, duh) a great one, including a comparison of cryogenic crystals conveying complex and coordinated connectivity in conduits, a synthetic sugar system to screen symptoms of severe sickness, and a pair of protocols to prepare and prove proper Phytophthora products.

We’ve also included a few photos from our recent symposium, and summarized some of our thoughts from and experiences at the meeting in our editorial this month.

On the topic of scientific gatherings, I thought it might be interesting to hear from you all about conferences you look forward to. For example, in contrast to my recent question about conferences that are a bit scary, what are your favorite conferences, and why? Is it all about the content, or have different ways of getting your daily recommended allowance of science made a big impression on you? What would you most like to do at a conference, if you could plan one yourself? We’re in the midst of planning our next symposium, so we’d love to hear any fun ideas you’ve got tucked away…

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)

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