Here fishie, fishie, fishie…

As I noted in my entry last year, January is a time for New Year’s resolutions. This year I have several:

1) Don’t get dosed with dorsomorphin. It seems to do weird things to you, especially if you are a zebrafish.

2) Try not to have my DNA damaged, unless there is some MutY handy to repair it.

3) Keep my supply of chlorinating enzymes stocked in case I need to spice up some of my natural products.

4) Carry powder with me at all times in case I need to get the chemical fingerprint of any molecules I find.

5) Finally, stay away from bars in case any chemicals get knocked out (I don’t want to be implicated, you know).

In case you want to get motivated for your own resolutions, you could always search for more inspiration in our January issue

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)