I’ve got my spine…

Well, I didn’t want to disrupt the flow of the ACS entries, so I’m a bit late in telling you that our September issue has gone live. This month we’ve assembled articles on alternate approaches to antibiotic action and applications, an assortment of antitumor agents that associate with and antagonize mRNA-altering appliances, and also advances in the artificial assembly of antibacterial and antifungal asymmetric asterriquinones and ACP-dependent architectures.* Phew! And, in keeping with the title of this entry, the spine includes pages 517-592, so I hope you enjoy it! If not, feel free to go out and get yourself an Orange Crush (and, in case you read this wikipedia entry, be aware that I am sticking with the misconception as being much more entertaining than the truth).

  • Yes, I am well aware that you may need to go look at the issue to make sense of all these silly sentences. Don’t you think that’s the point?

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)