For screening purposes only

In all the hubbub of attending a meeting last week, I forgot to point out that our August issue has gone live. This issue is jampacked with research, including the elucidation of enzyme endeavors, thiamin taken from treated turf, and Hsp90 and HuR having helpful or highly complicated roles in the cell (there are all your tongue-twisters for the month).

In addition, this issue includes several articles on high throughput screening, which are all free throughout August. In particular, a Commentary by Inglese, Shamu & Guy proposes guidelines for minimal information that should be included when reporting the results of small-molecule screens. For those of you involved in screening, what do you think of these suggestions? Is there anything you would do differently, or anything that’s lacking? Finally, what other fields could benefit from a discussion of publication guidelines?

We’d be very interested to hear any feedback you all have about the issue via posts or email, and about these guidelines in particular. Until then, happy screening!

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)