Insane in the brain!

Ok, I just like that title too much to let the obvious joke go. Sorry for the near repeat!

Anyway, unlike Stuart, (and as you all probably know by now) I am not averse to pointing out things in relation to our journal. In particular, our June issue has just appeared online. The brain in question relates to a paper about the dynamic/reversible glycosylation of proteins in the brain. I especially like the eyes at the top, which I imagine to be googly, like the muppets.

For those of you folks who actually get the hard copy of the issue, you should also have received a copy of Nature’s recent glycochemistry and glycobiology insight, and two of our News & Views pieces discuss other recent sugar-focused work, so hopefully any sugar cravings you’re having will be saturated.

In other news, our Editorial this month discusses the journal’s presentation of chemical structures. I recently told you all about our most recent addition to the chemical functionality (the 3D visualization tool), but what else could we be doing that would help chemists and biologists think about chemistry? How do you all (as chemists) use the web now to improve your understanding of or ability to communicate chemistry? Or does online chemistry just seem … well, insane?

Catherine (associate editor, Nature Chemical Biology)