ACS: The Rainbow Connection

Well, yet another ACS has come and gone. I leave you with a rainbow of chemistry talks.

“The formation of chromium rich particles by the dissolution of ”">red clays in groundwater monitoring wells." Mysterious chromium in Oklahoma wells found out.

“Identification and characterization of off-flavor aroma impact compounds in canned ” “>orange juice”

Canned orange juice’s flavor attributes are “tropical fruit, grapefruit, cooked/caramel and medicine.” Yum.

“Research on environmental fate of phenanthrene in Lanzhou Reach of ”">Yellow River." Math says the pollutants will be stable in the river sediment in 70,000 hours.

“The Pennsylvania ”">Green fluorophore: A hybrid of Oregon Green and Tokyo Green for the construction of hydrophobic and pH-insensitive molecular probes." The search for the next fluorescent marker. Amazingly, there doesn’t seem to be a band called “Tokyo Green.”

“Highly efficient fluorene-based UV-blue light-emitting polymers with controlled effective conjugation length." Ah, making things that glow.

“”">Purple: The dye of dyes" A history lesson with recent archeological findings thrown in. I wish I had seen it.