NChem Research Highlights: total synthesis, multimetallic complexes, and photoresponsive elastomers


It’s time for another batch of research highlights.

First up, fresh back from his trip to Korea, Steve writes about a counterintuitive approach to creating stereocentres: by destroying them first!

Second, the story of greedy metal complexes. Neil tackles the synthesis of a series of heteromultimetallic complexes that contain up to 7 (that’s SEVEN!!) different metal atoms.

Lastly, I get to grips with a motor driven by a light-sensitive elastomeric belt.

Finally, news that wine-lovers across the world can be happy about (I’m off to Napa, California, in a couple of weeks so I’m happy). Eating meat is healthier with a glass of wine than without (maybe it’s not that simple but that’s how I’m going to understand it!). The original paper can be found here.


Gavin Armstrong (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)

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