ACS: Hello… Are there any bloggers out there?

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I only have time for a quick post, but I wanted to mention a few other blogs/bloggers that are at the fall ACS meeting – most of you know that Paul and Kyle are here, but it looks like journalists from C&EN and Chemistry World are blogging from the meeting (including Carmen Drahl, who used to post at She Blinded Me with Science/who now works for C&EN…)

It also looks like Mitch (from Chemical Forums) and Eric (from Homebrew and Chemistry) are here too… Have I missed anyone? If so, please add a link to their (or your) blog in the ‘comments’ section of this post…

It sounds like some of these bloggers will be at John Harvard’s Brew House in Harvard Square tomorrow night. I’ll try to swing by for a round (and will see if I can convince any of the other NPG editors to join me) – hope to see you there…


Joshua Finkelstein (Senior Editor, Nature)