Making a list…

We’ve decided to create a chemistry eTOC (an “electronic Table of Contents”) that will highlight recently published chemical & biochemical papers from Nature, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Materials, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, and Nature Protocols.

For now, the chemistry eTOC will include ‘back half’ content (primary research and review articles) from all eight journals and ‘front half’ content (editorials, news features, news & views, etc.) from Nature. (Our long-term goal is to include ‘front half’ content from the research journals as well…) In addition, the eTOC will contain recent blog posts from this blog, highlight several chemistry jobs from our NatureJobs website, let you know about other developments from NPG in chemistry, and will occasionally include content from other NPG titles (for example, the recent Nature Reviews Microbiology review entitled “”">Microfabrication meets microbiology" and the 2006 Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology review entitled “”">A chemical toolkit for proteins – an expanded genetic code").

We’re hoping that this eTOC will make it easier for chemists who only read one or two NPG journals find interesting papers/reviews/etc. that are published in other NPG journals (for example, ones that they rarely/never read from cover-to-cover).

The first eTOC will go out during next week’s ACS meeting (on Monday, March 26th) and future eTOCs will be sent out twice a month – so please sign up today!

Joshua Finkelstein (Senior Editor, Nature)

Stuart Cantrill (Associate Editor, Nature Nanotechnology)