NPG at the 2006 Fall ACS meeting

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be attending the ACS meeting next week… You might remember that we created a special conference website for the Spring ACS meeting – well, we’ve updated the conference website for this ACS meeting:

– once again, there is a list of some of the sessions the editors will be attending.

– there is a special edition of the Nature Podcast, in which Dr. Simon Frantz talks with the authors of several recent chemistry papers from Nature, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Materials, and Nature Methods. The five papers featured on this podcast are:

Enantioselective silyl protection of alcohols catalysed by an amino-acid-based small molecule by Zhao et al. (Nature)

Targeting proteases: successes, failures and future prospects by Turk (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery)

Small-molecule activation of procaspase-3 to caspase-3 as a personalized anticancer strategy by Putt et al. (Nature Chemical Biology)

Molecular computational elements encode large populations of small objects by de Silva et al. (Nature Materials)

An unnatural hydrophobic base pair system: site-specific incorporation of nucleotide analogs into DNA and RNA by Hirao et al. (Nature Methods)

We’ve also added a few recently published papers to the list of exciting chemistry papers from Nature, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Materials, and Nature Methods – some of these papers can be downloaded for free during the ACS meeting. We hope you enjoy reading these papers as much as we did, and would love to hear what you think about them…

And finally, I’d like to mention that this happens to be our 100th blog entry – on behalf of all of us, I’d like to thank you for coming back here week after week…

We’ll be adding blog entries throughout the conference, so please check back frequently to see what we’re writing about…

See you at the meeting!


Joshua Finkelstein (Associate Editor, Nature)