You down with NNB? (Yeah you know me…)

Earlier today, the beta site of Nature Network Boston went ‘live’:

Nature Network Boston is the online meeting place for you and fellow Boston scientists to gather, talk and find out about the latest local scientific news and events … We believe that science benefits from local interactions and collaborations … [b]ut do you really know what that lab down the street is actually doing? Nature Network Boston will help you find that out. We aim to foster new ways for you to meet and get to know your neighbors.

The website has local (scientific) news, a list of events and scientific talks in the Boston area, and blogs from local scientists. It’s free to join NNB – though you’ll need to register to create your own personal profile page, post comments on the blogs, or form or join groups to network with other scientists. If you’re feeling creative, you can apply to write a blog yourself…

They’re going to add a number of new features in the coming months, so if you have any suggestions you can contact Corie Lok, the editor of the site…


Joshua Finkelstein (Associate Editor, Nature)