IUPAC ’09: Livin’ La Vida Loca

If you happen to swing by the Nature stand at the IUPAC congress exhibition, you’ll have a rare treat. In the booth opposite is the stand for the next IUPAC congress, which will be in Puerto Rico in two year’s time. 2011 is also going to be the International Year of Chemistry.

The stand there has on a loop a video of Puerto Rico’s most famous (?) export Ricky Martin, as well as Marc Anthony (J. Lo’s husband). This really is a rare treat in a chemistry conference, let me tell you.

Another treat is bumping into the congress chairman over a glass of wine at the poster session. Paul O’Brien from Manchester University seemed to be feeling the pressure of constant dinner engagements over the week. He said the whole experience made him nervous. From where I was standing listening to the gentle murmur of happy chemists I would say that any nerves were unfounded.