Nov-Dec ChemPod online

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The last chemistry podcast of 2009 is now online. You can download it from the usual ChemPod place, or even iTunes.

It’s got a diverse mix of chemistry on offer, from Gérard Férey talking about his latest work using MOFs as nanoscale carriers to deliver drugs (from Nature Materials) to our own Katharine Sanderson discovering why GFP glows.

It also covers our recent commentary article discussing why chemists have been slow to pick on the web 2.0 type publishing models that our physics and biology colleagues have done. Or, as Derek Lowe put it, Why Don’t Chemists Communicate? (Or Do We?). As well as the authors of the commentary, those who offer opinions include Peter Murray-Rust, who works very much in this area.

Happy listening!


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)