Updating blogroll

We realised the other day that our list of links on the left-hand side is pretty out of date and hasn’t been updated in ages. So we put our heads together and scoured our RSS feeds in Google Reader (without which I doubt we’d be able to run about 30% of the content in the journal!) to come up with the following list of blogs to add:

Mad Scientists

ChemSpider blog

Chemistry Central

Curly Arrow

My Chemical Journey

A Chemical Sabbatical

A Giant Among Molecules

All That Matters (by our Nature Materials colleague Joerg Heber)



Chemical Crystallinity

Chemical Space



Chiral Jones

Homunculus (from the science writer Phil Ball)


Lamentations on Chemistry

Liberal Arts Chemistry

Metamodern (‘nano-guru’ Eric Drexler)

Noel O’Blog

Notes from the Giant’s Shoulders

Round bottom flask

Sabbatical Epistles


Solarsaddle (from UCL chemist Andrea Sella who writes the ‘Classic Kit’ column for Chemistry World)

Curious Chemistry Graduate

The unlikely grad student


Unbalanced reaction

NNNS chemistry blog

Entropic thoughts

Endless possibilities


Periodic videos

Computational Organic Chemistry (Trinity University’s Steven M Bachrach, author of a book of the same name)

Science in the open

Nanoscale Views

Prof-like substance

Professor in training

Phew! My CTRL+C and CTRL+V fingers are burning. Let us know in the comments if there are any we’ve missed.

DISCLAIMER: Most, but not all, are chemistry blogs. Some are more general science/nano/new PI-flavoured, but none are downright off-topic. Most, but not all, are regularly updated, but all have at least been updated this year (that was the cut-off).


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)