Lindau09: Twitter round-up #4

Here are the highlights from yesterday’s tweets from the 2009 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

7.43am Final day of lectures here in Lindau (although not the final day of the meeting), and this morning will be a GFP extravaganza!

8.02am Shimomura is first up – telling us about the chemistry of bioluminescence

8.19am Interesting fact of the day from Shimomura who tells us that krill is the most abundant animal on the earth

8.31am Chalfie – I’m the accidental Laureate that got into the middle of this – he works on sensory mechanotransduction

8.33am Chalfie has spent a lot of his career ‘tickling worms’ – C. elegans that is – to find out how they respond to touch

9.08am Students and postdocs are the real innovators in science according to Chalfie

9.13am Final lecture of the 1st session is given by Roger Tsien – who will tell us about some of the mistakes he made & where he got lucky

9.48am Tsien – ‘normally there is nothing green inside a mouse’!

9.51am Tsien has yet to run a gel or do a PCR reaction in his life – if he had to hire himself, he wouldn’t do it!!

10.01am Schrock takes the stage – co-recipient of the 2005 chem prize ( – apologises for not being at the whole meeting

10.34am Schrock shows some 14 electron Mo catalysts that have 4 different groups on the metal centre – chiral metal catalysts on the way?

10.42am Take home message from Schrock – air-sensitive catalysts are good (not bad) if they can do something other catalysts can’t

10.46am Final formal lecture of Lindau 09 given by Werner Arber, Laureate in Physiology or Medicine from 1978 (

10.52am Arber is using a computer slideshow for his talk on ‘Molecular Darwinism’ – but all the slides are drawn by hand!