Lindau09: Twitter round-up #3

Here are the highlights from yesterday’s tweets from the 2009 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Wednesday 01 July

8.02am Day 3 begins here in Lindau and first up is Rudy Marcus ( – sole recipient of the chemistry Nobel Prize in 1992

8.38am Next speaker is Kurt Wüthrich ( who won a half-share of the 2002 chemistry prize

8.43am Wüthrich uses his belt to represent the human genome… 1.8 m of DNA – although he says his belt is not quite that large (yet)

9.16am The final talk before the coffee break is Sir Harry Kroto ( speaking about science, society and sustainability

9.22am Kroto just explained chemistry and life in 30 seconds (I think he may have skimmed over a few important bits)

9.40am Kroto – if no-one finds a use for C60 soon, I may have to give the prize back…!

10.23am Coffee break over and Robert Huber – Laureate in ’88 ( – is speaking about the destruction of molecules

11.13am Coming to the stage now is Walter Kohn – co-recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1998 ( with Pople

11.20am Kohn is showing us a film he made called ‘The Power of the Sun’ – narrated by, if I am not mistaken, John Cleese!

11.44am Kohn would not be surprised if our two major forms of energy are solar and wind after the transition from fossil fuels

11.51am Final speaker today is Peter Agre – Laureate in Chemistry in 2003 ( on canoeing in the arctic

12.02pm Agre points out that one of his companions on his Arctic trips deserves a Nobel Prize for baking bread using camp fire & stones!

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