Lindau09: Twitter round-up #2

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Here are the highlights from yesterday’s tweets from the 2009 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Tuesday 30 June

8.50am And speaking now is Mario Molina ( – the third of the ‘ozone hole’ Laureates to speak at the meeting

8.57am Molina – no silver bullet for solving climate problems, need to implement a number of different measures to tackle the problem

9.16am Next ‘guest’ Laureate is Erwin Neher (, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine, not chemistry! Neher is going to tell us about how chemistry helps neuroscience

10.10am Incredible Laureate line-up for panel discussion: Ertl, Grubbs, Kohn, Kroto, Marcus, Molina, Rowland – let’s see where this goes…

10.21am Ertl reminds us that we cannot create energy, just convert it from one form to another (pesky laws of thermodynamics!)

10.26am Grubbs points out he’s the only organic chemist on the panel – and says that new materials are vital for energy storage/transport

10.42am Kroto reminds us that some of the most important breakthroughs come from blue-sky research and so we must continue to fund it! Met with applause from the audience.

10.52am Molina says that society must double or triple its investment if we are to make headway in tackling the energy problem

11.01am Rowland suggests we should concentrate on the problem of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

11.05am Question – can we combine chemical & biological systems to address energy problems? Maybe, but it seems nature has a big head start

11.12am Kroto – does the amount of money poured into the Manhattan project compare with the funding of nuclear fusion projects?

11.16am Ertl – still lots of open questions in nuclear fusion, but that’s no reason not to continue…

11.18am What do you say to people who don’t believe in climate change? Listen to Prof. Molina says Ertl!!