Lindau09: Twitter round-up #1

For those of you who don’t follow our Twitter feed, I’m going to summarise Stu’s output from the 2009 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on a daily basis

Mon 29 June

8.03am And here we go with the scientific part of the meeting after the opening ceremony yesterday – first up is Ertl

8.23am Ertl compares the reaction between carbon monoxide and oxygen to the ‘reaction’ between hares and lynxes and the fur trade – clever!

8.34am Ertl talks about spiral patterns in reactions & complexity – such as in the BZ reaction; see here for more info

8.35am And now it’s Richard Ernst ( who will talk about passions and activities beyond science

9.03am Ernst says that ‘NMR is useless’ for pigment analysis – use Raman spectroscopy instead; he does this at home!

9.13am Third lecture of the morning is from Ryoji Noyori ( talking about chemistry as the key to our future

9.16am Noyori: “close involvement with society is the destiny of science”

10.19am Second session of the morning begins with Sherwood Rowland ( talking about green house gases & climate change

10.31am What does it take for a molecule to be a greenhouse gas? – well, one requirement is a minimum of 3 atoms (for IR absorption)

10.48am Now on stage is Paul Crutzen (, who says that Rowland is a hard act to follow, but that he has better slides!

11.48am Final speaker of the open scientific sessions today is Hartmut Michel ( – talking about cytochrome c oxidase

11.56am So, open talks on day 1 are over. The afternoon will see closed-session discussions between the young researchers & Laureates

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