Nature Chemistry issue 2 – live today

Just a quick heads-up for the second issue.

Apart from a stunning cover and some very interesting research articles (which have attracted quite a few write-ups elsewhere), there’s a good mix of ‘front-half’ articles too.

The prolific Derek Lowe reviews the book Drug Truths: Dispelling the Myths About Pharma R&D by John L. LaMattina, the former head of Pfizer’s global R+D – what he doesn’t know about developing new drugs could probably be quite easily tweeted!

Blogroll covers a subject that, as an editor, I’d never thought caused so much heartache: Acknowledgements. Negotiating the political mine-field is obviously harder than I thought…

One of our soon-to-be-regular Thesis writers is Michelle Francl (you may read her blog The Culture of Chemistry – I do) and her first article reflects on a subject dear to this blog’s heart, the periodic table. See how long it takes you to work out what her sibling wrote on the postcard.


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)