Nature Chemistry, volume 1, issue 1

The first issue is now live, and freely available for everyone to read and (hopefully) enjoy.

Stu and Gav are flying off to Salt Lake City as I type for the Spring ACS Meeting. And tomorrow, Anne goes to Tokyo to work there from now on, and will also be visiting the Japanese Chemical Society Meeting starting next week. Feel free to visit the stand at the ACS exposition or to chat to the editors as they make their jetlagged way around!

I shan’t copy and paste the entire table of contents here, but apart from what will be the usual mix of research articles, reviews, news & views and research highlights, there are a few extras that I’ll draw attention to.

Most apt to The Sceptical Chymist is Blogroll – it’s tucked away in a column next to the Research Highlights and is a quick overview of what’s caught our eye in the blogosphere recently. Who knows, one of your posts or comments could be in there…

One of the most exciting things in the first issue is the feature The future of chemistry. We asked eight leading lights to write about what they see as the future of their discipline and it adds up to a very interesting read.

Finally, as is really well outlined by Egon at Chem-bla-ics, lots of the papers contain data-rich ‘compound pages’. In them you can click on a bold compound number to view a full structure, with InChIs, links to PubChem, etc.

But wait, there’s more! Some of the papers have even more than that. If you click on the ‘Show compounds’ link in the right-hand navigation, compound names in the text will appear highlighted. Clicking on them then reveals links to PubChem and ChemSpider. Thanks to everyone who commented on our previous posts – the feedback was listened to.

So there we are! Almost 14 months since Stu became Chief Ed, ~50 weeks after Gav, Steve and I started, ~6 months after Anne started and at the end of our Technical Editor, Laura’s 3rd week, we have an issue. Apparently, we have to do this EVERY MONTH!


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)