It’s all going on…

Following the lead of Nature Materials, we’ve gone and got a Twitter feed. I don’t know if we really know what to do with it yet though! Feel free to follow us, and suggest what we should use it for. Maybe when we’re all out and about at conferences later in the year it’ll be more useful.

Meanwhile, our latest paper published online has received a pleasing amount of coverage in the wider press, including C&EN, Chemistry World, the MIT Tech Review and even the New York Times. Now you’ve read the journalists’ take, make up your own mind about attolitre reaction vessels from polymer nanofibres.

Even with all this going on we certainly haven’t forgotten to bring you our latest picks of the pops in the form of Research Highlights. This week we feature five-fold symmetric corannulenes forming 2D crystals, how the surface oxygen coverage of gold catalysts influences their selectivity and how polymers can act as a TLC-like ‘stationary phase’ and separate NMR spectra of mixtures.

Phew. Easily sailing into this week’s ‘And finally…’ section is the Nano Song. This simply wonderful music video is an entry for the ACS Nanotation ‘What is “nano”?’ competition. Go and vote now!


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)