Journal journeys: Day 266, We’re hiring!

So, we’re 266 days in. Or at least Stu is – Steve, Gav and I are just over the 6 months mark (crucially past our “probation” period, which means we’ve got to screw up REALLY REALLY badly for Stu to sack us!). How do you think we’re doing?

So far we’ve: racked up a lot of airmiles, enthused about the journal to lots of people, argued among ourselves (and yourselves) about what we want the articles to look like, welcomed the fifth editor and most importantly opened the doors to papers.

As the papers walk the tightrope of peer review and we get closer to our first issue, we need people to handle the papers once we’ve accepted them. Specifically, an Art Editor and a Technical Editor (oddly, I can only find the job at the Guardian, but I assure you we really do need one).

The Art Editor will ‘liaise constructively with editorial colleagues [us!] and suppliers to produce striking and attractive artwork for the journal’. As you might expect, ‘They must also be highly proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign/QuarkXPress. Two years’ experience in magazine publishing is essential [… and k]nowledge of Chemdraw and/or prior experience on chemistry publications would be an advantage.’

The Technical Editor ‘will be responsible, with other parts of the company, for developing our technical editing tools and workflows, as well as ensuring published manuscripts ‘lead the way’ in chemistry publishing’. So do you ‘have a good degree in a chemistry related subject and enjoy attention to detail.’? Relevant experience would be an advantage. The post isn’t just Nature Chemistry either, it’s for a range of Nature journals.

The deadlines are pretty soon, but dust off those CVs and get applying! One thing that isn’t mentioned in the job ads is the free canteen, or the weekly cake competition. How can you say no?


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)