NChem Research Highlights: Strain, MOF tags and a certain prize

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Research Highlight time.

Chemists love stressed and strained molecules – this must be true because Roald Hoffman and Philip Ball say so. Karl Irikura from NIST predicts that adamantane (imagine 4 fused cyclohexanes, or just look at the picture in the article!) can be stable with one of the hydrogen atoms pointing into the cage. He doesn’t predict how to make it though, so over to the synthesis guys…

Our new editor, Anne – the final piece in the NChem team jigsaw – writes about ‘tagging’ metal–organic framework materials so their volume can be fine tuned.

Our third one this week covers a certain prize you might have noticed being awarded last week. Well done to Stu for writing the piece in record time! On quite a sobering note, read about what Douglas Prasher is up to now – he isolated the gene behind GFP.

And finally…Martyn Poliakoff talks about the Nobel Prize on the Periodic Table of Videos. Want to be a science video star yourself? Why not enter the Science Dance Contest – all you have to do is interpret your PhD through the medium of dance! I can’t wait to see what chemistry looks like in dance format…


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)