NChem Research Highlights: Ionic liquids, electronic noses and tuning tubes

Morning everyone, it’s Research Highlights time.

First up, Gav covers a paper from our sister journal, Nature Materials. It’s by Michael Grätzel and colleagues, and they’ve developed stable ionic liquid mixtures to use in solar cells.

Although sniffer dogs aren’t out of a job just yet, ‘electronic noses’ are getting better. Here’s one that combines peptides with Si nanowires to sniff out molecules in the gas phase.

A lot of work on porous materials is focused on the size of the pores, but it looks like subtle changes in the materials building blocks can affect the reactivity of guest molecules.

And finally, we love this video of a chemical party that promotes the EU-funded Marie Curie Actions to support ‘training and mobility activities for researchers’.


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)