Journal journeys: Day 132, Out and about

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Hi everyone,

We thought it was time to show our faces in public and let you know where we’re all heading now conference season is upon us.

First to escape the office is Steve, going to ICOS17 in Daejon, Korea, on 22-27 June. On the other side of the world, I’ll be attending DD11 in Berkeley on 23-25 June.

Closer to home, Stu’s going to a nano meeting in Reading on 26-27 June, before visiting some chemistry deparments in the Mid-West US in July. Steve’s next out again, visiting ICOMC23 in Rennes, France, on 13-18 July. Then it’s my turn again at ICCC38 in Jerusalem on 20-25 July.

Gav’s not being left behind to deal with everything in the office — he’s off to the ACS meeting in Philadelphia on 18-21 August. We’re also planning some visits to chemistry departments, both in the UK and near the conference venues, spreading the Nature Chemistry word.

We hope to see lots of you on our travels, so feel free to stop us for a chat. We might even give you some free post-it notes…


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)