NChem Research Highlights: capsules, spectroscopy and nanomachines


Morning everyone, Friday can only mean one thing.

First up is a pretty clever idea: a supramolecular capsule with pores that can open and close. Some pretty obvious advantages for controlled release.

Next to be covered is a paper from Science that you might have seen highlighted elsewhere: a nifty spectroscopic technique where they vibrationally excite a molecule before studying its rotational spectrum. It’s so fast you can look at both isomers of a molecule – and all the states in between.

And finally, a polymer whose phase transition involves such a large change in length that a fibre is able to make an object 250 times its weight move on uphill. The object is a US dime, so there are potential uses in piggy banks across the world!

I hope you enjoy this week’s batch – time for me to edit next week’s…


Neil Withers (Associate Editor, Nature Chemistry)

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