April 2012 issue

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April 2012 cover

Another month goes by and so we have another issue of Nature Chemistry to share with you. Quite a striking (and colourful) cover on this one! Clashes a bit with Nature Chemistry-purple, but you can’t have everything! You’ll find all the usual good stuff in the issue: research highlights, News & Views pieces, and research Articles that we hope you will find interesting.

A few things do stand out from the usual crowd. We have published our first ever interview ($) — with author Thomas Hager. Last year someone tipped me off to ‘The Alchemy of Air‘ (I think it was @biochembelle) – and I really enjoyed reading it. So much so, that I looked around to see what else Hager had written about, and that prompted me to read ‘The Demon Under the Microscope‘. I thoroughly recommend these books to any chemists out there, but more than that, they are written in such an accessible style that you don’t need to be a chemist to get maximum enjoyment out of them. I’ll post excerpts from the interview here on the blog in a day or two.

We also have another winning entry from the In Your Element essay competition, this one all about copper (this is free to access if you’re registered on nature.com). The Thesis article this month ($) is from Bruce Gibb — one of our regular columnists — and he takes exception to the notion of enantiomeric excess (e.e.), suggesting that it is counter-intuitive and should be ditched for enantiomeric ratio (e.r.) as a better measure. And the book review ($) was kindly written by David Kroll, who considers ‘The Quest for the Cure‘ by Brent Stockwell.

Finally, the Review article, which is free until the May issue goes live in a month’s time, is all about dendrimers (and was written by Didier Astruc). Lovely compounds, but a bit of a pain to draw nicely


Stuart Cantrill (Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry)



Stu Cantrill

Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry, Springer Nature