Chemistry for Christmas

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For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, this year’s Christmas Lectures at The Royal Institution are about chemistry! Yay! They are being given by Dr Peter Wothers from the University of Cambridge, who is also one of the authors of my favourite organic chemistry textbook.

Related to this, the RI has a chemistry-themed advent calendar where each day there is a video of someone talking about their favourite element(s). So far, Mark Miodownik (Dec 1), Liz Bonnin (Dec 2), Dara O Briain (Dec 3), Andrea Sella (Dec 4) and Helen Czerski (Dec 5) have revealed their picks. I won’t spoil it by telling you what they chose; go and check out the videos for yourselves!

The trailer for the ‘My favourite element’ videos is embedded below.

Stu Cantrill

Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry, Springer Nature