Nature Chemistry’s Altmetric top 10 for 2013

Altmetric has released their 2013 Top 100 papers – journal articles that received the most online attention based on their Altmetric score. For more details behind the list, see this blog post. Nature Chemistry managed to get a whopping zero papers in this top 100, so I figured I’d find out what our Altmetric top 10 is for 2013 so that we don’t feel quite so left out. Remember: an Altmetric score doesn’t say anything about the quality of a paper, it’s just a measure of online buzz (which can result for many different reasons…).

And so, here it is (Altmetric scores for this list were retrieved on 10th December 2013).

1. Quantitative visualization of DNA G-quadruplex structures in human cells
Giulia Biffi, David Tannahill, John McCafferty & Shankar Balasubramanian
(Altmetric score for this list = 411)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 93,831)

2. Self-healing chemistry enables the stable operation of silicon microparticle anodes for high-energy lithium-ion batteries
Chao Wang, Hui Wu, Zheng Chen, Matthew T. McDowell, Yi Cui & Zhenan Bao
(Altmetric score for this list = 204)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 4,629)

3. A grossly warped nanographene and the consequences of multiple odd-membered-ring defects
Katsuaki Kawasumi, Qianyan Zhang, Yasutomo Segawa, Lawrence T. Scott & Kenichiro Itami
(Altmetric score for this list = 123)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 12,692)

4. Optical control of antibacterial activity
Willem A. Velema, Jan Pieter van der Berg, Mickel J. Hansen, Wiktor Szymanski, Arnold J. M. Driessen & Ben L. Feringa
(Altmetric score for this list = 96)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 6,698)

5. A missing link in the transformation from asymmetric to symmetric metallofullerene cages implies a top-down fullerene formation mechanism
Jianyuan Zhang, Faye L. Bowles, Daniel W. Bearden, W. Keith Ray, Tim Fuhrer, Youqing Ye, Caitlyn Dixon, Kim Harich, Richard F. Helm, Marilyn M. Olmstead, Alan L. Balch & Harry C. Dorn
(Altmetric score for this list = 92)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 2,097)

6. Layer-by-layer cell membrane assembly
Sandro Matosevic & Brian M. Paegel
(Altmetric score for this list = 91)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 2,821)

7. Accelerated chemistry in the reaction between the hydroxyl radical and methanol at interstellar temperatures facilitated by tunnelling
Robin J. Shannon, Mark A. Blitz, Andrew Goddard & Dwayne E. Heard
(Altmetric score for this list = 76)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 3,532)

8=. Site-specific positioning of dendritic alkyl chains on DNA cages enables their geometry-dependent self-assembly
Thomas G. W. Edwardson, Karina M. M. Carneiro, Christopher K. McLaughlin, Christopher J. Serpell & Hanadi F. Sleiman
(Altmetric score for this list = 69)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 5,461)

8=. Fluctuating exciton localization in giant p-conjugated spoked-wheel macrocycles
A. Vikas Aggarwal, Alexander Thiessen, Alissa Idelson, Daniel Kalle, Dominik Würsch, Thomas Stangl, Florian Steiner, Stefan-S. Jester, Jan Vogelsang, Sigurd Höger & John M. Lupton
(Altmetric score for this list = 69)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 4,105)

10. The use of elemental sulfur as an alternative feedstock for polymeric materials
Woo Jin Chung, Jared J. Griebel, Eui Tae Kim, Hyunsik Yoon, Adam G. Simmonds, Hyun Jun Ji, Philip T. Dirlam, Richard S. Glass, Jeong Jae Wie, Ngoc A. Nguyen, Brett W. Guralnick, Jungjin Park, Árpád Somogyi, Patrick Theato, Michael E. Mackay, Yung-Eun Sung, Kookheon Char & Jeffrey Pyun
(Altmetric score for this list = 63)
(Page views as of the date of this list = 10,450)

These are the top 10 research Articles. If you include other content from the journal, the list would look very similar, but this Editorial from the April 2013 issue would shoot into the chart at the number 2 position (Altmetric score = 206).