Correcting the record

Nobody likes making mistakes, but we all make them. The important thing is to fix them and here at Nature Chemistry we try to remedy things as swiftly as we can (sometimes it’s easy, sometimes not so). I just want to point out a very recent correction.

Last Thursday @V_Saggiomo sent us this tweet:

about a paper from Jack Szostak that we published on May 19th.

There was indeed a problem and we contacted the author to double check and he clarified for us what the mistake was — all that was needed was a change to the figure legend in question. The correction went live yesterday.

This is not the first time an error has been pointed out to us on Twitter, I’m pretty sure that this correction was triggered by @Marcel_Swart (either by tweet or direct message). I’m sure he’ll correct me if I am wrong!

If you do spot an error in a Nature Chemistry paper that you think needs a correction, let us know and we’ll investigate. If it’s just a minor spelling mistake or similar error then we generally live with those, but if it is something that would affect a reader’s understanding of the work, then a correction would be made.