We’re hiring!

The founding editorial team at Nature Chemistry was assembled back in 2008 and has stuck together since then, providing a solid foundation for the launch of the journal and its growth in these early years. But it’s time for a change and now Neil is (back) off to the Royal Society of Chemistry to take up the position of Features Editor at Chemistry World. We wish him well (really, we do), but now we need someone to fill his shoes. So, we’re looking for a new Associate Editor here on Nature Chemistry.

Enjoy reading papers and fancy a move away from the bench? Enjoy reading the latest hits in the chemistry literature and would like to write about them for Nature Chemistry? Want to attend conferences to see what the latest and greatest developments are (at least at the conferences where such things are aired)? Want to blog and tweet about cool and creative chemistry (we know a lot of you do that already, but this is part of a job that you get paid to do!)? Well, if the answers to those questions are ‘yes’, have a look at the advert and give it some thought. Applications need to be made through the website, but informal queries can be directed to our journal inbox (you can find the address on our website).


Stuart Cantrill (Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry)