Bumper ChemPod edition

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The latest edition of the ChemPod is now live and can be found here.

In the main show we meet the researchers who’ve created a colour-changing polymer that could be used in electronic books, celebrate the extraordinary life and work of ‘Mr Stereochemistry’, survey the organo-catalysis landscape, and find out what’s been reinvigorating the field of metabolomics. Plus we hear from one of this year’s Nobel Prize winners.

In a bonus ChemPod Extra, you can hear the full interview with Martin Chalfie – who has just been awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery and development of GFP – in which he tells us how he found out that he’d won the Prize, how he first came across the protein and what a fantastic tool it has become, with new applications still being invented today.



Stuart Cantrill (Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry)

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Stu Cantrill

Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry, Springer Nature

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