NChem Research Highlights: Isotopes, proteins and reactive intermediates

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Another week and another set of Research Highlights to tell you about…

First up is a report on the conversion of carbon-11 labelled methyl iodide into formaldehyde using a rapid and high-yielding approach, that offers new opportunities for radio-labelling.

Next, we feature a couple of papers in a single highlight, that look at protein synthesis and crystallization. The twist here is that both mirror image forms of a protein are synthesized chemically and then the racemate is crystallized in order to study their structural properties.

Finally, researchers in Japan take a closer look at nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions and observe an elusive sigma-complex intermediate through which the reactions are thought to proceed.

More next week…


Stuart Cantrill (Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry)

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Stu Cantrill

Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry, Springer Nature

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