Journal journeys: Day 84, Team Chemistry

Apologies for not posting in Journal journeys as much as I would have hoped – the one overwhelming feature of setting up a new journal is that it leaves very little time to blog…

I did want to take 10 minutes, however, to let you know that Nature Chemistry now has an editorial team – although it’s not complete just yet (we’re also looking for someone to be based in the Tokyo office). Brief editor bios (and their stunning headshots) can be found here on the new Nature Chemistry website. Each editor will also write their own Reactions piece in the coming weeks, so that you’ll get to know them a little better – and perhaps I’ll even get around to writing one myself sometime soon.

As part of the new website, we’ll also be publishing three new research highlights each Friday*, covering what we think are important papers appearing in the literature. These will be freely available on the Nature Chemistry website (although you may have to register for a account to access them).

*The first batch go live – with the new website – on a Thursday, not a Friday, because as I have learned, never push a new product live on a Friday… it doesn’t give you too much room for error before the weekend hits…


Stuart Cantrill (Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry)