Materials Girl: Procrastination…

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…is a bad destination (but I’m headed there anyway)!

What is it about human nature that makes a majority of us do whatever we’re not supposed to be doing, at a given point in time? For example, it’s past 2 am and I’m supposed to be studying for finals – not writing this blog entry, checking email, pondering my class schedule for next quarter, cleaning the room, and writing Christmas cards, while only glancing at the lecture notes stacked on my desk.

Granted, I would have to do errands eventually, and many of us work best under pressure. However, there comes a time to choose which path is more reasonable. I have yet to decide. Or, it’s just the devil on my shoulder telling me that I can study tomorrow, and to go to bed instead…

(posted on behalf of Materials Girl)

Stu Cantrill

Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry, Springer Nature