Materials Girl: Synthetic limericks


Posted on behalf of Materials Girl

These are ‘stolen’ from a good friend of mine who proves that chemists can be witty, too! My Facebook page – yes, that infernal, horrendous, time-wasting network – is well-stocked with his quotes. The second limerick is probably the best I’ve ever read.

There once was a fellow from Stowles

Who bred cockroaches, rabbits, and voles

Asked how he could keep track

Of this prolific pack

He replied “I just count them in moles.”

A Chemist, gone mad with distraction

Hurled into the sea his reaction.

To atone for this loss

He was made by his boss

To recover it via extraction.

Can anyone out there do any better?

[Editor’s note: first it was haiku… now limericks, what next?!!]

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