Chemical communications

As you may have noticed (and some of you have commented on), The Sceptical Chymist has recruited a range of guest bloggers. Although NPG editors will continue to contribute, we wanted to add some new voices that can offer different perspectives on chemistry and describe their experiences from within (or beyond) the chemistry community. The team is as follows:

Materials Girl: In her own words, ‘a wide-eyed undergraduate student who rambles on about anything university and [ultimately] chemistry-related that strikes her fancy’.

Sugar Daddy: A fourth year graduate student working in a chemical biology lab doing research that involves a ‘little bit of synthesis, little bit of biology’.

Prospective Professor: A postdoc on the hunt for an academic position.

Rookie Rocky: Hubert is a brand new assistant professor facing up to the challenges of the job, including what it means to sit in the front row at seminars!

10 Miles from Academia: Jeff Johannes – a medicinal chemist at a major pharmaceutical company in the Boston area – offers us a different perspective on breakthroughs in chemistry.

Confessions of a former chemist: Even further away from academia, Mushy is a PhD-chemist who left it all behind to go and work in IT in the City of London, but still has a soft spot for all things chemistry.

So, there you go, an undergrad, a grad, a postdoc, an assistant prof, an industrial chemist and an ex-chemist – we hope you enjoy reading.


Stuart Cantrill (Senior Editor, Nature Nanotechnology)