Don’t sweat the small stuff


Want to know what’s happening in the nano-world but just can’t keep up?

Well, here’s one way to keep on top of what’s happening at the bottom.

In preparation for the launch of Nature Nanotechnology in October later this year, each week our website will include a selection of ‘Research Highlights’. The editorial team scours the recent literature and distills the most exciting and important research into short summaries that are posted every Friday.

This week’s selection covers a wide range of topics including nanocrystal LEDs, nanomechanical oscillators, virus/polymer composite nanofibres and magnetism in cobalt nanostructures. All of the highlights are collected in the archive and are divided into categories for easy browsing.

Check back tomorrow for the next batch of nano highlights.


Stuart Cantrill (Associate Editor, Nature Nanotechnology)

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