Carry On Chemistry


There seems to be a little bit of silliness in the air… It started last week when Paul over at The Endless Frontier posted about a recent paper in Nano Letters with a slightly unusual title… It carried on this week when Dylan at Tenderbutton posted about a graphic graphical abstract from an Inorganic Chemistry paper (also noted by Paul a little while back). A handy resource for such silliness can be found here… which directed me to this humorously titled chem paper – can anybody out there beat that?!

Apparently physicists have a childish sense of humour too…

(For those of you curious about the title of this entry, ‘Carry On’ films are part of British film-making legend and have been described as, ‘an energetic mix of parody, farce and double entendres’ and, to be filed away in your ‘interesting/unusual fact of the day folder’, were produced by Peter Rogers, a namesake (if not exactly the same spelling) of the Chief Editor of Nature Nanotechnology – Peter Rodgers!)


Stuart Cantrill (Associate Editor, Nature Nanotechnology)

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