ACS: You spin me right round…


After wandering around the Sci-Mix poster session this evening, it seemed that the Sun Dial bar and restaurant would be an ideal place to unwind. Ascending to the heavens in a glass elevator, a small band of us weary delegates made our way to this revolutionary establishment that sits atop the Westin hotel in downtown Atlanta. As we settled into our seats, we noticed the Atlanta skyline sliding past us at a slightly unsettling pace, prompting one of our number to suggest that the rotation should be a little slower. “It’s not as though they have a big dial out the back that they can just twist”, I scoffed – whereupon the nice waitress standing over my shoulder informed me that indeed they did, and that she would slow our journey for us…

(A slightly embarrassed) Stuart

Stuart Cantrill (Associate Editor, Nature Nanotechnology)

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